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Exploring Numicon in the Classroom


Date: 10/11, 17/11, 24/11 all 6-7pm also

Time: 6:00 pm - 7.00pm

Tutor: Edmond Scannell

Venue:  3 Online Webinars


Having participated in this presentation teachers will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive working knowledge of how the unique materials that comprise Numicon can be used to explore and develop a broad range of key mathematical concepts with their pupils;

  • Revise, refresh and utilise the key pedagogical approaches to the teaching of mathematics;

  • Better devise, resource and deliver mathematics lessons that are hands-on and full of potential & possibility for discussion and conversation.

  • Itemise the assessment techniques and opportunities inherent in a Numicon approach;

  • Participate in corresponding activities that can be used to explore and develop each key idea with pupils;

  • Build on key mathematical ideas and techniques in relation to: structures, methods and properties of operations;

  • Understand the importance of visualisation, in terms of how visualisation will support pupil’s learning now and in the future, and the need to share this importance.

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