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Autumn to Winter - A journey with nature

Autumn Leaves


Dates: October - December

Tutors: Paddy Madden and Des Murtagh

Venue: Online

Course Content


The online course Autumn to Winter - A journey with nature, will consist of three pre-recorded videos of one-hour duration on nature for the three months of October, November and December.

The course will cover the following topics: October: Fruits and Seeds of Autumn  Dry Fruits and Succulent Fruits - Examples of each  Methods of Seed Dispersal (Wind, Water, Explosion, Animals) - Examples of each  Growing citrus fruits from seed indoors (Oranges and Lemons) November: Decomposition in Autumn  Fungi - Simple experiments to demonstrate the nature of fungi  Invertebrate Decomposers - Woodlice, Earthworms, Millipedes  Composting - How to fill a compost bin and keep it safe from rodents  Mini-beast hunt - How to organise it December: Birds in Winter  Identifying common garden birds  Feeding birds - Home-made feeders, types of food, hygiene  Observing and recording birds - Setting up an observation area  Bird migration - winter visitors



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