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Podcasting Course


Date: 2/11/21 and  9/11/21

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Tutor: Susan Young and Daryl Moorhouse of Tinpot Productions

Venue:  Online


The aim of this course is to give primary and post-primary teachers an understanding of the ways in which podcasting can be utilised in a classroom setting to encourage student engagement, creativity and expression. As well as giving an overview of the history and current popularity of podcasting, the course will cover:

Podcast recording, Podcast editing, Audio transcribing, Podcasting Lesson Plans,
Podcasting Classroom Examples, Assessing Podcast Submissions and Suggested Equipment

From a technical and learning point of view, podcasting is the least demanding of all media production skills and this course will simplify it further, making it an accessible medium for all teachers and students, regardless of technical expertise.

As part of their participation, teachers will be asked to submit ideas about areas in their daily teaching where they think podcasting might be utilised (e.g. project work, presentations, stories etc). These suggestions will be incorporated into the second workshop with bespoke examples delivered to illustrate how podcasting methodology can be seamlessly integrated into curriculum work.

We will be creating a complementary e-learning course which will enable participating teachers to put theory into practise, with guidance from our expert trainers.

This is an introductory course but will be designed to complement a wider rollout of podcasting as a valuable classroom creative, expressive and educational tool.

Susan Young is an MSc Education and Digital Innovation student at TU Dublin

Daryl Moorehouse of Tinpot Productions delivers radio production and communications training to Transition Year students, but this course will focus more on training for teachers.

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