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The Concussion Breakdown

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Dates: Flexible

Venue: Online

The Concussion Breakdown is an online concussion education course created by Concussion Coach. It is designed for all stakeholders involved in the identification and management of a concussion including primary and post-primary school staff.  The course includes continuous recap quizzes, downloadable content, and a post-course Certificate of Completion (after passing the assessment). 


The course is taken in your own time, takes 75 minutes to complete, and can be completed over multiple sessions. There is no set date on which you must start the course. However, once you commence the course, you must complete it within 30 days before it expires.


Course Content:


Concussion 101

  • Breakdown of signs and symptoms

  • Debunking myths and misconceptions

  • Risk factors

Reporting Concussion

  • Understanding the reasons behind underreporting

  • Associated risks

Injury Management

  • Managing the immediate injury (step-by-step process)

  • Medical advice instructions for parents

  • Post-injury management

  • Duration of symptoms

  • Sleeping post-concussion

  • Driving post-concussion

  • Post-concussion nutrition

Recovery Period

  • Returning to the learning environment

  • Returning to sport

  • Considerations in the classroom

Preparation Steps

  • Action items for school staff to prepare themselves to manage concussion.

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